Control4 Corp (CTRL)

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We have noticed the downvotes from your @ranchorelaxo account. Took you a while, we already were afraid you wouldn't notice at all.

When you're done raging around that the community doesn't want your spam to be supported any more, take a moment to consider the deal we're offering. Delegate your stake to us, and receive 80% of the curation rewards we make with it in daily liquid steem. Without putting any effort in, no risk, and if that matters to you you can even start considering yourself a valuable member of the community.

Better bend than break, or if you can't beat them join them. Makes sense, no?

Up to you of course, maybe you enjoy the fight. Rest assured though, we won't be intimidated by revenge flags, and seemingly the rest of the community neither.

19.09.2019 13:27

It is apparent that @haejin has not made even a single penny over the last few weeks despite having one of the biggest stakes on the platform. Obviously, unlike the last flag war he had with @berniesanders, this time it isn't going to turn in favor of haejin.

I think he isn't giving much attention to steem because he seems to have been away from the platform for long. Perhaps the steem price has made him stay away. Hope he replies.

19.09.2019 15:32

No posts today. Keep it up. He will leave. He has neither the will or knowledge to change his approach. He will get very angry, try to fight back....but eventually the $0.00s will make him get up and leave.....until he starts voting for StarJuno.

19.09.2019 19:10

Traf reached out to him last week and he's agreed to stop the spam posts. As you can see h hasn't done it for a while now. I have stopped my downvotes for now.
But, he does still appear to be flagging people back. I got hit yesterday along with others :)
I think he's agreed to give #newSteem a chance.

19.09.2019 20:06