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p>FUTURISTIC CYBER ART CONTEST, it is almost a dream to participate in a contest with such a beautiful theme to make art, I read the description of it and could not help but fall in love with the selection of films that showed as examples (Terminator, Ready Player One, Im a Legend ...) I love science fiction, is a wonderful escape into the future and what better than draw on it so let's get to work!

The character I have created is not very new to say, since I started designing it when I started the Character Design Contest, right here in @ntopaz, those who have followed my art for some time know that I am terrible to finish the drawings before the end of the contests, butcourse.


I have something great in mind for my second entry - pray with me that I can finish it before the deadline!


  • Medibabefore.
    ntopaz-image-2 ntopaz-image-3

-Step 1:

My planning was focused on designing a character, that's all, so bam! I started tracing a body in the middle of the canvas, trying to respect the proportions a bit of course.

-Step 2:

With the sketch as a guide, I proceeded to mold the characterweapon.

ntopaz-image-4 ntopaz-image-5

-Step 3:

Let's detail! The purpose of designing in gray scale, is to give volume to the character, leaving behind the flat illustrations to get closer to realism or 3D (although I lack much practice rk.

ntopaz-image-6 ntopaz-image-7

-Step 4:

At last it's time to color, using the mode of fusion " overlay " take some colors and apply them on the skin and the suit of our alien, although I immediately regretted those tones and technically inverted them, passing a little green to the suit and taking the blue to the skin, is the great advantagc.

ntopaz-image-8 ntopaz-image-9

-Step 5:

The final touches, according to the images I show you, there are no big changes from one image to another, but you would be surprised with the amount of things I added and then undo while designing the character, my big dilemma was always, do I stick to what I already have or do I add more objects to it? But I decided to stick to the original design, but playing with the lighting, based on the reflection of neon lights at a distance, it is essential to have that lighting in futuristic science fiction, also, do not forget the layer with torn fabric.

I'll leave you a little gif with the whole process in it, so you can better appreciate the step by step.

Copyright @hadley4

Thank You for Supporting My Artwork


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Hi hadley4,

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12.07.2019 09:43

Oh, thank you so much for your support, it makes me very happy.

14.07.2019 15:16

It looks amazing and thank you for the detailed presentation:) i hope you make it in time and post the 2 more entries, good luck:)

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12.07.2019 14:49

Thank you! although the contest is over and I'm going to half illustration, but soon will be here :D

14.07.2019 15:15

Oh when I saw cyber ark contest on, i was wondering what is cyber art now I understand what it is. I love the creature your created - nice body shape :P I would like to see him in real life and stare a little and then run away :P nicely done and congrats on your curie vote :)

12.07.2019 16:53

The cyber art is great, because you can let your imagination fly and create new futuristic technologies and new ways of life that coexist with humans, also the essential thing is to create weapons that fire many lights haha.

14.07.2019 15:20

haha yes and also the chance to create something that has not existed anywhere except your imagination

16.07.2019 15:13

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12.07.2019 22:47

Thank you guys!

14.07.2019 15:20


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14.07.2019 15:20

Me encanta que te guste mucho el tema, compartimos ese gusto! sin duda alguna esas películas son geniales y por supuesto muy inspiradoras! Que bueno que pudiste aprovechar a este personaje, es grandioso! Poder ver el paso a paso es genial, es como ver el nacimiento de tu obra. Me gustan mucho los detalles y lo que hiciste con las texturas de la piel. Si que tiene cara de mercenario, no quisiera toparme con él ni por equivocación.

13.07.2019 00:30

Gracias @yanes94!! creo que estare haciendo unos cuantos dibujos mas relacionados al tema, asi que preparate :D

14.07.2019 15:22

ehy dear @hadley4, so beautiful work! it's so incredible what you can do with new technologies! I like to sell the whole drawing process because it's like being in your mind, great details, maybe I would have given it more vivid colors.
do you do it for work or for passion? have you studied art or are you self-taught?
by the way congratulation !! :-))

13.07.2019 15:30

I've always liked to show it step by step, because I feel it inspires others and shows them that it's not that hard to make art. I draw by passion and hobby, since I was a child I have had some skill for it and I have improved it on my own. Thanks for stopping by and admiring my art!

14.07.2019 15:26