Harpy? | Digital Art and New Year's Resolution


FIRST DRAWING OF THE YEAR, I was polishing quite this for being the beginning of my artistic 2020, by the wayoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear steemians, it is a pleasure to start this year sharing with you on this platform, I do not know you, but I have great appreciation.

I wanted to draw a bad girl with wings and I ended up doing something like a harpy, yes, those terrifying creatures that took men in their claws, terrible, but even more if it has a weapon that produces lava. This year I want to make a big jump in my art, in Instagram I follow great artists who do spectacular things and I would like to reach their level, so I will put my hands to work for that New Year's goal.


  • Medibang Paint
  • Wacom Intuos 4

-Step 1:

Start with a very simple sketch, looking to establish the pose and anatomy of my shrew. Then, I filled in the form with some shades of gray, here it seems that I didn't pass the preschool, but I wasn't planning to do lineart, so the edges didn't matter much.


-Step 2:

As if I was a sculptor, I was modeling the character using the gray scale, there is a great process and a lot of time behind this, since I must be degrading a lot the tones I need to achieve that feeling of volume in the drawing. In the case of the gun, first, I drew the silhouette, then I used the "pixel block" option to paint only in the selected area using the airbrush, and finally I used the "transform" tool to improve the curvature of the axe blade.


-Step 3:

The magic of color comes, the trick is quite easy, I put together in one layer all the illustration that was in grayscale, in order to create new layers configured in the "multiply" and "overlay" blending modes, making use of them I can color without ruining the work I did on the grays.


-Step 4:

Knowing what color palette I'll use, I created new layers to add more details, counting the layers I merged, the drawing had about 60 layers, in some I just made nonsense the truth, but if those nonsense were ugly they wouldn't ruin the rest of the illustration, so I recommend a lot to work that way. A clear example of the use of the layers, are those lines that are on the character, at that time I was going to leave the drawing for another day, but I pointed out the areas that I thought would be improved and the elements that I wanted to add there. By the way, the idea of the lava came up at the end, I couldn't stand seeing it sitting there without doing anything.


I'll leave you a little gif with the whole process in it, so you can better appreciate the step by step.

Copyright @hadley4

See you in a future post!

Thank You for Supporting My Artwork


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10.01.2020 23:03

Wow, te ha quedado genial!!

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10.01.2020 23:31


11.01.2020 00:25

¡Qué chulada! Oye andabas perdío :(

10.01.2020 23:38

Sii, siempre digo que voy a estar mas seguido pero me cuesta :c

11.01.2020 00:26

Great digital art for first drawing of the year

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11.01.2020 02:21

OMG!!! el primer dibujo del año esta brutal!!! me encanta lo sensual pero peligrosa que se ve tu personaje. ;)

11.01.2020 03:19