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Create a VR experience for your wedding



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Married folks sometimes wish to re-experience their wedding days because it is usually one of the most memorable days in the lives of many. VR wedding is making it possible for this to happen. With it, you can hire professionals to capture your wedding in 360 degrees and re-experience such in VR whenever you wish. Enjoy!




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15.07.2019 04:38

I will call forever singles around the steem world :
@dwiitavita :grin:

LOL @abdulmanan, @ikhrach, @mawahab, @venzam too,,,,

15.07.2019 08:46

Im not even Single so is @venzam >_>

15.07.2019 10:30


15.07.2019 13:15

How you can forget me Dude.. :flushed:

15.07.2019 14:04

I understand it must be expensive, but at weddings couples become wasteful. And for remembering the moment of insurance is worth the cost (until the divorce arrives, haha).

Good hunt! Thanks for share!

15.07.2019 10:12

Wedding experience in virtual reality wow I think it must be awesome one. A wedding couple could know early the major expenses of wedding.

15.07.2019 12:43

Dude, Why you wanna remind that Risky Movement.. :grinning:

Well, it gonna be a great thing to remember that beautiful movement when you taken commitment to be with someone until the last breath.

15.07.2019 14:05

This is actually cool. Most wedded folks often rewatch the recorded version of their weddings during their wedding anniversaries, it would be awesome to just immersively experience it all over again. Really cool stuff.

15.07.2019 14:21

That's a wonderful idea. I am not fascinated by my wedding video but have seen many people saw the wedding video over and over again. Thay will surely love this.
Nice hunt!

15.07.2019 14:23

Lol. I don't know if many people forget their memorable time in wedding but I guess someone who forget their moment then this could perfect for them to remember their wedding, the memorable one. :)

15.07.2019 14:28


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