Smart Alarm Clock - Intelligent alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Smart Alarm Clock

Intelligent alarm clock for heavy sleepers



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Waking up in the morning can be extremely difficult for some people and requires series of alarms. This smart alarm clock for heavy sleepers represents an innovative way to wake which is quite different from the conventional alarms around. The alarm is in the form of a rug carpet that is pressure sensitive. Check it out guys!


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A very clever and innovative way of making sure a heavy sleeper gets out of bed. Using the pressure pad forces the person out of bed to turn the alarm off. A great hunt and a fun alarm clock at the same time.

19.08.2019 10:32

Yes, I feel that I am a heavy sleeper too. I always can't get up on time hmmm ... maybe this kind of alarm can help me.

19.08.2019 11:37

The idea of everything smart is really taking over. We are seeing sensors put into everything which is truly amazing. The physical world is quickly becoming connected meaning the amount of data available is growing rapidly.

This is allowing for innovations such as this. Using pressure to get someone out of bed is a novel idea.

19.08.2019 13:19

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19.08.2019 15:31

Actually sleeping is half of death,some peoples sleep is so.deep,this is so Good for deep sleepers.although i am not deep sleeper.. btw good hunt

19.08.2019 16:51

This is a smart alarm that can make sure you wake up on time, its a great alarm clock. luckily I don't need one cause I dont work.

19.08.2019 19:30

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I am also sleeper and can't got up early in the morning. This best alarm clock help me to change my routine and i got up early in the morning. I need this clock. Kindely tell us the price? Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

19.08.2019 21:20

I also try to wake up by listening to smartphone alarm in the morning, but it is not easy. Sometimes I'm late because I don't hear the alarm. I think this product can help me get up on time.

20.08.2019 00:24

This is an "I must wake up by all means" kind of alarm clock. I must agree that this is indeed innovative.

20.08.2019 00:50

Definitely few people need heavy alarm to get up in the morning and just a traditional alarm is not enough. Though I am not heavy sleeper but i know few people in my family are.
Cool hunt

20.08.2019 00:55

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, It is a perfect device Heavy Sleeper even I am also a heavy sleeper as I put alarm every single Morning so that I can go for running and workout but I often failed to wakeup. It is innovative and a problem solving device that help us to stay fit.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

20.08.2019 01:27

Haha. Nice idea of connecting alarm to the rug, so one needs to get up and be sitting to turn off the alarm. No more snoozing the alarms. Heavy sleepers are gonna find this so useful.
Great hunt.

20.08.2019 03:08

Think have already seen this. May be dejavu. But cheaper option is to put an alarm clock at a distance. What i know is if i want to sleep, I'll find a way to shut the alarm.

20.08.2019 04:31

I am not heavy sleepers. :P Even I woke up when someone turns on the light of my room and I disturbed like someone game me an electric shock. Well, this seems so powerful alarm clock to wake someone up.

Nice Hunting!

20.08.2019 05:58

WoW looks like a great tool to wake up early and get going with our day. I really like it coz it requires certain task users have to do to snooze the alarm or turn it off pretty cool on top of that users have to get out of bed because turn off the alarm from this gadget takes a fight. Excellent Search

20.08.2019 06:01

I surely need this one beacuse I need multiple times alarm to get up. I am a heavy sleeper and hope this one would help me to get up in single alarm. Nice find

20.08.2019 06:04

I get last year something similar to this but in a few weeks I stop using it because the woke up became nightmare. Anyone I like this one , if I start using alarm again I will give this a try . Thanks for the hunt .

20.08.2019 06:28

Heheh Waking up in the morning is indeed extremely difficult thing which i do Monday to Friday lol i am not that heavy sleeper i am just lazy dont wanna get up so early so i really dont need alarms in my life my mum is enough :P but yea cool hunt and could be more helpful for heavy sleepers.

20.08.2019 08:46

Great idea, maybe if I had such alarm clock 8 didn't miss some exams in university!

20.08.2019 09:50

Great Hunt! This alarm clock will be useful for children because sometimes they are getting late for school or universities so i hope this will be the best solution for the morning wake up nice find

20.08.2019 12:52

This is innovative and useful for the deep sleeper. How much does it cost @hadji

20.08.2019 13:00

Yeah, that's true waking early in the morning is difficult especially for me. Looks so intrusted and a unique way to wake up in the morning with this alarm clock.

20.08.2019 13:38

The people can not awake early in the morning and smartphone alarm won't go effected for them. This would be great for them. Great hunt

20.08.2019 13:53

A smart alarm can make sure your awaking on right time. It look cool for the heavy sleepers. Great one.

20.08.2019 13:57

Wow. Looks a great tool to wake early and on a right time. So it help never miss your office time again. It requires certain task users have to do to snooze the alarm. Great hunt.

20.08.2019 14:03

Go and awake on the time. Never miss your school. Stay perfect stay on the time.

20.08.2019 14:06

@hadji, what a cool hunt. Never heard of it that a rug carpet can become a form of an alarm clock. It is very creative and it seems very effective. We need something like this when we don't want to get up in heavy sleep. Great hunt. CAn certainly consider.

20.08.2019 14:19


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