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Epilepsy is a condition that involves sudden seizures of victims, sometimes in a place that they least expected. The seizure tracker app is an application designed to help people with such condition. They can keep log of time and other details of their seizures and from there be able to predict when and how it might happen. I think everyone with epilepsy or other similar conditions should have this app.


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27.07.2019 03:21

As much as this app would be helpful to epileptic patients to prevent embarrassing situation, I would have love it if there could be complete remedy to this disease. Anyway this is a great hunt on this platform

27.07.2019 09:02

Hmm... I really hope epileptic patients are making use of this app because it's actually going to be very helpful in management. I've seen a lot of folks with seizures in the public glare and it wasn't a sight to behold. Awesome app

27.07.2019 13:29

This is great. I Hope it works for real because this thing just happens anytime. this app will really help them to keep track and predict when next it might happen, I love this

27.07.2019 14:29


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