Night vision VR simulator - explore your world in virtual reality using night vision

Night vision VR simulator

explore your world in virtual reality using night vision



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Have you every tried to imagine how the world would like in virtual reality using night vision? Explore the world after dark using this application and a mobile VR headset. A really cool app to have some fun.


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06.10.2019 15:03

This is pretty amazing. Think about it for a second; this was something the military used for decades, I am sure at a high cost. Now it is a free app that works on a smartphone.

It shows how incredible the pace of technology is. What was exclusive and expensive a few decades ago, is now free and available to almost everyone.

06.10.2019 17:28

I haven't imagined what the world looks like at night using night vision glasses. I had the experience of trying them once and think i would prefer to keep seeing the world in broad daylight in vr. It'll be fun though to try this out. Nice hunt.

07.10.2019 06:52

Some such technology is developed in the night vision instrument, by which we can see to a great extent even in the dark. In the second world war, night vision was used more so that the activities of enemies could be easily seen. In addition, military forces of any country use it to be alert from terrorists.This opto-electronic camera/ glass exists the picture of the front of the dark in the dark and make us aware about enemies activities..
Really very useful and impressive hunt..

07.10.2019 11:41

This opens up a whole new concept entirely. This can be very helpful in a lot of situations apart from the fun aspect. I think I need to get myself a VR headset ASAP. Cool

07.10.2019 14:44


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