Navien EQM 580 - Bed warming mattress topper

Navien EQM 580

Bed warming mattress topper


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Hunter's comment

Here is a cool and easy way to have a warm sleep without having to break the bank. With Navien technology, it's time to say byebye to cold nights. The EQM 580 uses water to heat up pad in order to produce warmth for a better sleep.

It is quite easy to install and the temperature can be controlled through a WiFi from the smartphone application. If you live in a cold region or regions that experience cold weather, this is a good take.


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I'm not sure it's a good thing to heat the mattress (humans generate a lot of heat and you will get warm naturally if you are under a duvet and the heat is trapped). I can see this helping very old people though, who struggle to warm themselves.

31.12.2019 10:52


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