Forever young: The innocence of babies

From a single cell to the fusion of cells and then to a mass of cell. From a mass of cell to cellular differentiation and then to a fetus. I have felt and watched my baby grow with time and the experience is really second to none.

Granted that pain of giving birth is enormous, I believe nature has a way of healing every woman and few months after giving birth in so much pain and trauma, they are more than ready to repeat the whole cycle of gestation and labour all over again. Babies are beautiful.

As a newly born baby gradually grows from a delicate bundle of joy to a naughty little toddler, you cannot but sometimes marvel at the innocence of these lots. A well fed and tendered baby will always be a joy to hold for anyone, except maybe for a few people that I am actually yet to come across.

Sometimes, when I look at my baby and think about how the world is at large, I shed a few drops of tears. I simply find it difficult to see his innocence being gradually eroded by society as he is going to be struggling between good and bad. It scares me to see him being disobedient, lying, fighting, stealing or committing any form of vice but these are actually inevitable granted the kind of society that we are in.

I am not saying that I am going to raise a bad kid, I am just being realistic about it. We all have done some bad things in the past even though we eventually turned out to be good. I will prefer not to worry about having to put my kids between what is good and what is bad but that will only happen in a society where evils have no place.

In conclusion, I simply wish my baby remains forever a baby with all his innocence.

Thank you for reading my rant.

PS: All images are from pixabay, a free image source

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