Coding Park - Computational thinking skills with fun video games for kids

Coding Park

Computational thinking skills with fun video games for kids



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Computer knowledge might become one of the surviving skills in the next few years. Hence, getting kids to learn about coding at a tender age is very important. Coding park is here to help out in this regard.

A realistic coding experience combined with visual composition, totally independent from programming languages.source


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This is cool and useful find indeed. I love educational apps. I can see a lot of benefits of Coding Park to get kids introduced to programming.

05.07.2019 16:22

Wao what a amazing hunt. Kids learning apps become very popular in the world. This app also helps to parents to teach coding very easily his kids early age. Its very good for our kids future. This game also helps our kids to improve his learning skills. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

05.07.2019 17:58

An excellent mini pivot language that aggregates the most used computer concepts. Codingpark seems to be the brick of learning that was missing between the solutions under Scratch and the programming languages used by the pro.

05.07.2019 18:54

This is really a good initiative. I love when kids are thought IT skills from an early stage like coding. The world is heading towards IT and when kids learn coding at a young age, it becomes easier as they grow up.

05.07.2019 20:20


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05.07.2019 20:50

This is an excellent way to introduce programming to kids. It looks a fair game with fun. I hope kids will enjoy this.
Nice hunt!

05.07.2019 22:55

Great way to learn and enhance computation skills by playing video games. Designed for kids, parents, and educators for realistic coding experience but there is no need for any programming knowledge.

06.07.2019 02:59

Yea, coding and computer skills will be one of the surviving skills that must be mastered, teaching children from an early age to understand coding and logical thinking is a must. Nice hunt.

06.07.2019 05:09

Very interesting to be used as a media for learning programming for children. They can learn basic up to design code challenges. It must be fun!

06.07.2019 07:02

Nice way to give early interaction of coding to kids. The fun in games keep the concentration of kids as a result they will learn a lot of stuff without feeling bore. Nice hunt

06.07.2019 09:50

@hadji, this is a cool hunt. I believe that children need interactive education these days so that they can learn in a fun way. With programming, things can be too technical and boring, but I can see that this Coding Park with its fun video game for kids to learn, it will make coding much more fun and help them gain interest and motivation quickly. Great to learn by playing and having fun. Great hunt.

06.07.2019 13:09

Getting knowledge from this video games is making your thinking skills improve.

06.07.2019 13:31

This is a great way for kids to learn to code at an early age because in the near future this programming skills can give them a better future and independent life

06.07.2019 13:59

Modern day kids are damn lucky with all these resources available to them for learning. I might have grown to become a coding guru only if half the amount of resources available now were available while I was growing up.

06.07.2019 14:46


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