I have a question, why most people don't upvote but instead they downvote a post?

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Because there are a huge number of angry steemians, who find this is the only way they can make themselves happy. Think about it. I have 3 accounts. So I upvote myself with all three. The original account makes some money. So do the big curators/voters, but all those who like me, who have a zero vote value (at 100%), we get nothing, or almost nothing.

So, we cannot build ourselves up by posting, for if we try to boost our income even a little, we get downvoted and are accused of raping the pool We cannot build up our SP by curating, as most of us have tiny SP of under 10,000 - so we earn almost nothing.

At least flagging helps, as t means many now feel that others are just as miserable as they are.

  • that was a theoretical presentation - if you find any truth in it, you are to blame, not me.
06.10.2019 19:59

I totally agree with you my friend.

07.10.2019 03:18