Bitcoin falls to $9.5k, will it be able to recover?

Bitcoin hits a low value of $9.5k after a stunning rise to $10k+. Bitcoin has fallen 3.02% in the last 24 hours. Here a graphical representation of bitcoin price in the last 24 hours.
coindesk-BTC-chart-2019-09-24 (1).png

As for the last week's price of bitcoin, the highest price hit by bitcoin is $10,266.11 after that price is in a constant up and down variant. Furthermore, bitcoin may face a selling price below $9k by the end of this week. Here have a look at the chart of the weekly bitcoin price.

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Everytime bitcoin (Or any asset for that matter) falls, people speculate wheather it is the end of it! Always!
Price is different from Value (although it is hard to valuate cryptos) and price means nothing on the long run. Price reflects the flow of money.
So, better see if significant events changed the environment on which bitcoin is viable. The rest is looking for a way to lose money!

24.09.2019 18:08

Well said.

24.09.2019 18:28