I love watching funny videos. I’m subscribing to many channels that curate funny videos. And I suddenly thought that it would be cool to have a channel that shows the daily top charts for funny videos hunted/upvoted by people.

Yes, we have made a Product Hunt for funny Youtube clips. You can hunt funny videos and upvote them. We have tried to create a fun and cool looking TV channel for you.

LOL Hunt is utilising Blockstack to store your activity data, such as upvoting/hunting, privately via decentralized storage on Blockstack. We love the spirit behind Blockstack - an app that protects your digital rights. When you watch, upvote, and hunt any videos on LOL Hunt, no central service will be able to control your activity. You will own your login activity.

So, let’s put aside all the centralised/decentralised combats, and LOL and chill now 😝

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