Make Private & Anonymous Fiat Purchases Online(PersSec109b)

Your online payment info will one day be leaked. It's a matter of when, not if. And when it does criminals will have access to some of your most private data(though they probably already do). In this guide I'm going to show you some techniques to conceal your identity when making purchases online. Doing so will prevent criminals from having access to your address, name, credit card, as well as make your purchases private and pseudonymous.

Though the best way to make purchases online is through a privacy oriented cryptocurrency like Monero(XMR) that option is not always available or practical. So what can we do if we need semi/full anonymity & privacy? We use a combination of prepaid gift cards and online virtual cards. So how do we do that?

Buying a Gift Card

First you need to buy a gift card in cash. I suggest you check out my article here so you do it in the safest manner possible. Doing so requires a few extra steps and you should consider the previous mentioned tutorial as mandatory reading.


Registering a Gift Card* Fill out the information online with fake information. The most important info is the ZIP & street NUMBER. Please see PRO TIPS below for why this is significant.# Getting a Virtual Card

Now it's time to use the gift card to get a virtual card. This is useful for providing a more confusing trail, as well as keeping your private info safe from criminals(in the event of a data breach) and companies(who use your info for marketing and other questionable activities.

There arre several services that offer virtual cards to use online. The one for sure which is tested is Blur . It costs $15/month or $100/yr. Doing so gives you access to unlimited credit cards and throwaway emails. However the cost is less than ideal if you want to use multiple anonymous gift cards that are unlinkable(you'd need to create a new anonymous account for each and pay the $15). But that's the cost of doing business anonymously and helps add complication to your trail.

If that's unacceptable I recommend looking into the following companies(though I can't claim they are effective like Blur). I will try them all out and post in the comments which ones were 100% successful via VPN:

  • mycard2go(gave some trouble over VPN)
  • phone verification- use a burner number via TextMe app)


  • The only thing needed to get a card purchase approved anywhere is the correct street number/Zip Code. This is called AVS(Address Verification System). This works 95% of the time with ANY card even over a VPN. Many people don't know this so try it sometime on your card with the street being something like "mnbvcb st.". You'll be amazed. By only providing the right street # and ZIP a criminal/company does not have access to your address.
  • Use specific cards for specific things(i.e. do not buy a VPN and thehen use same card on Amaz). This is especially true if it is a very valuable 100% anonymouous card!
  • Gas stations are a good place to buy gift cards if available. They're very unlikely to keep cam footage for long.

I hope y enjoyed this tutorial. We are nearing the end of our PersSec100 series. Stay tuned for PerSec200 where I will cover legal methods to get a ghost address(for your license, sensitive items, or to obscure public records history), hide any record of yourself online, and how to uncover who someone is online.

Until then I'll be posting hacking content that will take you from newb to 1337 in a short time! As always use these skills for good and don't forget to upvote, follow and leave any questions in the comments.

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