Hacking The Airlines: How To Save Up To 80% on Flights!

I love seeing corporations get the middle finger from your average consumer, and today I'm going to show you how to do just that. Forget about Priceline and all those other sites that claim to save you money. They don't. But there is one that does. This site is called Skiplagged and they show you flights that no other travel company does. The airlines were so threatened by their existence they took them to court(and lost thank god).

I have saved thousands using this technique and so can you! Even if you may have heard of Skiplagged before, today I'm going to show you some ways to save EVEN MORE money on the site. Skiplagged does 3 unique things no other travel company* They show you the absolute bare minimum pric(that I know of) does:

They show you y do).

  • They show you the absolute bare minimum prices
  • They les(the most valuable thing they do).
  • They let you see the cheapest flights to anywhere(i.e if you want to take a vacation but want to find the cheapest destination you could travel to from where you are)

I will cover each of these below. In case you're wondering a hidden itinerary is essentially getting a ticket for a layover in the city you want while the final destination on the ticket is for somewhere else. For example a ticket from L.A. to NYC is $350. But a ticket from L.A. to South Carolina may have a layover in NYC and cost only $200. By buying a ticket from L.A to South Carolina and getting off in NYC you just saved $150!

So now that we know this how do maximize our returns when using Skiplagged? There are several steps we should take:

  • Search for one way tickets and then open up the calendar so you can see the cheapest dates to fly, then reverse it for coming back. Doing so shows you the cheapest dates to fly on. See the example below.
  • You can also search for the cheapest flights to anywhere from your destination. Simply type "ANY" or "anywhere" as your destination like I did below and you'll see a list of the cheapest places to travel to.


Not all flights are hidden fares but if your is there are two things you need to keep in mind when using these techniques:

  • Don't link the trip with a rewards number
    • If you are checking bags you will need to gate check them(where you have them take your bag at the gate), otherwise they will end up in the final destination city.

So there you have it you now have a powerful tool for finding the cheapest tickets. I have literally saved thousands using Skiplagged and gone on many epic trips and so have my friends. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial it is a bit different then my usual posts about hacking but everyone I tell this about goes on to thank me later and I'm sure you will to. If you found this useful please upvote and follow and until next time may you have safe travels and cheap airfare :)

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