Vietnam Activists Stage Rare Anti-China Protest Amid Concerns Over Survey Ship

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Four activists in south-central Vietnam’s Khanh Hoa province were detained by police on Sunday morning for staging an anti-China protest at a landmark popular with Chinese tourists in the provincial capital Nha Trang, one of the protesters said.

hile tension in the East Sea escalated because China is operating in the Vanrd Bank.
here ie is currently a source of information that China's probe is stopping offshore 185km from n Thiet.

ecauseuse domestic media (Vietnam) does not update information about Chinese activities in the East Sea, so the relevant information people have to search by themselves through forebsites.

his prhis protest is the second protest that I know is happening from within Vietnam that is related to China this month. You must understand that most people do not know what is happening in the East Sea, If you want to know it is very difficult because you have to filter the source and cross the firewall. So small, but it is good for us to convey the message to the people, and they may find out for themselves oing on.

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One thing I would like to note is that: In addition to the concerns raised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the current situation in the South China Sea. I could not find a statement from our President that is related to it. The person who has this domestic & foreign missi silent.
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On Aug. 6, activists in Hanoi staged a small protest in front of the Chinese embassy, but police officers ordered them to immediately disband. Four days later, a group of retired scholars in Ho Chi Minh City organized a small demonstration in front of thnsulate.

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The recent series of protests began when a Chinese survey ship returned to Vietnam’s territorial waters in the South China Sea, days after leaving the Spratly Islands, where it had been involved in a nearly month-long standoff witips.

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The ship, which in July had conducted a 12-day survey of waters near the Spratlys with support from the Chinese Coast Guard, intruded into an offshore oil block in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone off of the island chain’s westernmost reef.

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