The minister claimed not to accept gifts but later he took bribes

When he was Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Truong Minh Tuan on February 3, 2017, he affirmed that this Tet he did not receive any gifts from agencies or anyone. He also asked the ministry not to welcome guests during the New Year. (Theo New Year is understood as the Lunar New Year)


However, to date, Mr. Tuan is facing 14 - 16 years in prison for crimes: violating regulations on public investment management causing serious consequences and accepting bribes. This is only the sentence proposed by the Procuracy, the trial is still in the process of trial but sin he admitted and said it was a shame.

There are many of our officials who often teach ethics, but it's all empty vessels make the most noise. Are they in fact virtuous? Do they live what they preach? Looking at their income through wages and looking at their homes, their possessions and their living conditions we can immediately see the truth. Currently the highest salary for Vietnamese officials is 18,070,000 VND (About 770USD / month) . But their properties, just counting things that can be seen with your eyes is hard to imagine.

I remember a saying from President Ngo Dinh Diem of the Republic of Vietnam: "Don't believe what the Communists say, look at what the Communists do". And the truth is like that :)

Note: Note that most civil servants in Vietnam are communists!

You can refer to these statements at the following links, unfortunately in Vietnamese but if you like you can use translate right? :)

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