No money to cure her children, she and her son were naked in the middle of the street

The image you are seeing is a Chinese mother and son sitting naked on the street, she did so because she could no longer afford to treat her children due to the sky-high medical costs. In fact, it is not her shame, it is the shame of the economy with the world's second largest GDP.

What about in your country?


I know what it is like to be in China, but in Vietnam, children under 6 years old get free health insurance from the government. However, that does not mean that everything is free. Depending on the illness, depending on the hospital or health facility the child receives treatment, the level of cost assistance from insurance will vary. Moreover, the drugs provided under health insurance are also on a separate list, and if you use other drugs, you will have to pay for them yourself. And of course, purchase outside medicines are usually more expensive and are often rated as better.

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Comments 4

Heart breaking.

24.12.2019 04:49

What about in your country?

Lets see, I pay 35 grand in taxes and don't get any health care out of it. Excuse me while I neck myself.

24.12.2019 06:15

Too bad and where are you from?
I do not see this information on your blog!
Merry Christmas & filled with peace from my country @thecastle !

27.12.2019 23:54

It's a shame that government all over the world are neglecting their basic responsibility to the people.
Almost every where you turn, good healthcare is now only for the rich and privileged few. What a shame!!!!!

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25.12.2019 15:58