Looks like the price of Steem is going against the market

I have been in our community for almost 2 years. Ranking of Steem on coinmarketcap decreased continuously.
Once again the price of Steem returned to 0.29.
Last time the price went down according to the general trend, this time it was not.
I have little follow-up and don't really understand why?

If you know the reason. Please leave it at the comment. Something is happening?


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its maybe a reaction to forthcoming Fork, hmmm...

13.07.2019 03:43

Thanks for your comments, I will find out about upcomingcoming Fork!

20.07.2019 11:58

Whales powering down and selling.

13.07.2019 04:56

Whales selling is a sure thing, but I don't think they lose strength. Steem lost too much rank compared to other cryptos.
I'm glad you still remember me. I very little when online on Steemit. I am building a youtube channel! :)

20.07.2019 11:54

Glad to see that you are still around.

Make sure you look around for communities based on Steem Engine tokens.

It gets complex, but it’s worth it.

20.07.2019 12:06

You are online continuously. It's great when the community has you! I have faith, I will stay. :)

20.07.2019 12:21

Everything will be back on track in next few months. Stay Clam.

13.07.2019 10:41

I have faith like you, so I keep everything here. I just don't understand what's going on with STEEM! Thank you for being here!

20.07.2019 11:57
Y don't know the reason. I ask myself what the reason could be doing it
18.07.2019 18:47

Welcome, my friend. I am willing to follow you now!

20.07.2019 11:59

maybe for upcoming HF21 this 1st August.

im just followed you bro! have a nice day!

29.07.2019 11:58

When I first studied HF21, the truth is, I did not find the influence on the price of Steem! On the other hand, other crypto coins are quite volatile, but the recent Steem has not changed much. I hope it increases soon so that people become more attached to the community.

Thank you and have a nice day!

09.08.2019 06:51