Journalists imprisoned: China is the highest in the world, Vietnam is second in Asia

At least 250 journalists are being imprisoned around the world. China leads authoritarian regimes that do not accept independent media, followed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Erythrea, Iran. In Asia, Vietnam won a silver medal on this list. According to the annual report of the Journalist Protection Committee (CPJ), published December 11, 2019 from New York.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, an advocacy group, has released its annual census showing the number of journalists imprisoned across the world. More than 250 journalists are behind bars for the fourth consecutive year and the CPJ said that an authoritarian approach to critical news coverage is more than just a temporary spike. As of December 2019, China is the worst jailer with 48 journalists identified as being in prison there. Turkey came second with 47 while Egypt and Saudi Arabia were tied in third with 26 each.

In Asia, Vietnam continues to rank second after China in the list of harsh prison regimes against the press with 12 journalists detained or awaiting sentence. The latest victim is Mr. Pham Chi Dung, president of the Vietnam Association of Independent Journalists.

In terms of the number of journalists imprisoned compared to the total population, I mean in terms of the percentage of journalists imprisoned in the total national population. Vietnam will probably win the championship. At the very least, this is definitely true in Asia.

However, you should know that authoritarian regimes and press censorship, not only the only option is imprisonment. mental and physical terrorism, administrative sanctions, kill, hinder, cut off sources of livelihood, etc... can be applied and this is usually not statistically. You may also be at risk of being taken by the authorities applied the above measures.

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Comments 4

I find it kind of funny how we talk about Iran and Russia so much that Vietnam surpassed them in this type of censorship.

I guess all that's left is for Vietnam to go nuclear to be put on radar.

19.12.2019 02:06

I guess that will not happen, because the current government is very afraid of China, and China certainly does not want VN to have nuclear. Because then their power over the Vietnamese government will be limited!

The newspaper with censorship in Vietnam was very funny, they posted a news with the same content in a simultaneous way, when they were faulty they also removed the article at the same time. LOL The press is comprehensive orientation and there are no private newspapers out of more than 700 newspapers. :(

19.12.2019 03:28

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21.12.2019 07:11

I wonder where is Myanmar ranked?

22.01.2020 06:08