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Hey Dear Steemains
Today, I would like to introduce you to a group that I am admin. Group is named "CEO GROUP", this Group I established since 2011, and has been 8 years now with more than 18k members. At first, the group only included members from Vietnam, but recently the Group has many foreign members. So I want to introduce you to more international members. At that time, current international members will not feel alone.

What do you get to the CEO Group?

  • You can exchange business management issues with members;
  • Introduce your business and look for opportunities to cooperate with other businessman;
  • Perfect and develop yourself to be more successful.
Hope you will think about joining us. We always welcome you.
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The CEO Group is an open group for everyone.
Target group: Create a forum to exchange business management knowledge for all members. Build a place to exchanges and seek opportunities for cooperation among businessman.  

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Excelente propuesta. Saludos desde Venezuela.

25.07.2019 16:17

Do you join the group?
Unfortunately, the group mainly uses Vietnamese!
Thanks for stopping here!

20.08.2019 12:59