In Vietnam, driving after eating a fruit can be punished

Vietnam's Law on Prevention and Control of Alcohol and Beer Harm takes effect from January 1, 2020.
The most notable point in this law is to completely ban the control of the vehicle when there is alcohol in the body. This means that the law prohibits driving when the driver has alcohol in his breath including motor vehicles (tractors, tractors, motorcycles, electric scooters, motorcycles) and vehicles rudimentary roads (bicycles, cyclos, wheelchairs, animal-drawn vehicles). Also according to the provisions of this law, if you "incite, induce, coerce" other people to drink alcohol, beer will also be administratively sanctioned. LOL :)

_People push motorbikes through traffic police post to avoid fines_

It is worth mentioning that if we eat fruit, or foods made with alcohol or taking certain medications can also cause our breath to have alcohol concentration. And now, if we drive, any kind of car, if we have a breath alcohol test, we will be punished because the law does not set a minimum. Just a little alcohol in your breath is punished.

Explaining the process of implementing these regulations, each civil servant speaks in a different way.

Deputy Director of Traffic Safety Department, Ministry of Transport, Hoang The Tung, who is the advisor to Decree 100 (the decree to guide the implementation of this Law), said that punishment is necessary, even for eating fruits and food is, alcohol is still alcohol. He advises people to learn which foods have alcohol content to self-regulate. And yet, Mr. Tung said that the essence of food with alcohol content is as hallucinating as alcohol. So the law is the law, the people must have a sense of compliance.

According to Ms. Tran Thi Xuan Hang - chief expert of the Legal Department, Ministry of Health and the secretary of the Draft Law on prevention and control of harmful effects of alcohol, "health experts said eating fruits if fermented causes alcohol concentration & it will be 15-20 minutes after eating" and people have the right to request a retest after that time.

Mr. Bui Sy Loi - Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly's Committee for Social Affairs said: In the past 9 days, 99% of the people who responded to the National Assembly welcomed the Law on Alcohol Prevention and Control and Decree 100. So, I think this is a lie, there are no statistics and silent people do not mean they agree.

Law-makers must know the law must be scientific, its social. The law must distinguish between the alcohol content and the alcohol content to adjust accordingly. It is not possible to go beyond 0 milligrams per 100 milliliters of breathing air.

Law-makers must know the law must be scientific, its social. The law must distinguish the index of alcohol content in fruit and beer - wine to adjust accordingly. It is not possible to go beyond 0 milligrams per 100 milliliters of breathing air. It is impossible to go beyond 0 milligrams per 100 milliliters of breathing air is to have sanctions sanctions.
That is why most countries have laws of 0.5 milligrams per 100 milliliters of breathing air or more to sanction. Only 20 countries stipulate in excess of zero as punishment, but they certainly have their own research, specific to their society. Law-makers cannot copy a castle and place it on a thatched cottage with a dirt floor.

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Comments 4

Haha. This is amazing. They didn’t even set a minimum concentration for a breath analyser test.

You could use mouthwash and be pulled over for DUI (driving under influence).

11.01.2020 03:21

Thanks for the information about mouthwash.
I guess this law is copied from China because there are similar caricatures on China on social networks. :)

11.01.2020 04:06

Wow. I thought Nigeria has crazier laws. This one beats ours by far.

16.01.2020 17:42

some of your country are really a light weight in drinking: like ik people who get quite drunk after 1 beer, but after taking medication is a bit insane...

i guess the law makers did not think this through before making the law... you need to be lucky to have a good dictatorship like singapore or ruanda where laws actually make sense.... in democracy people talk and talk for weeks or months before a law passes, didnt stop our old age government to pass stupid internet laws, despite heavy protests... in democracy the biggest financial doner passes the law...

17.01.2020 08:40