HONGKONG - Please sign this petition to support Hong Kong

Yesterday, a restaurant called "Tieu Ky" in Hong Kong posted the following message:


From today, when presenting student ID card, the restaurant will be served 2 free meals below:
A / Tofu fish ball;
B / Ham fried rice with eggs
Meals for the aforementioned students will be provided free of charge by the restaurant until Hong Kong light restored day.
In addition, all who holding student IDs from all universities can enjoy lifetime student meals until the shopkeeper is closed.


This is the wonderful support I've ever seen. I have been observing Hong Kong ever since the protests began. I don't know what will happen with Hong Kong but it is clear that China will not give in because it will set a precedent for other regions. This makes this struggle even more intense and difficult.

And if you also support those who are for a more democratic Hong Kong, you can sign this petition to save Hong Kong and share this message with the world. Thanks a lot!

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