HCMC to spend $7,000/1camera installing 10,000+ surveillance cameras

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According to the project of Building a centralized surveillance camera system of Ho Chi Minh City for the period of 2019-2025, the city will install about 10,000 intelligent surveillance cameras with a cost of more than VND1,600 billion. This cost if converted into USD is greater than $69 million, and will be nearly $7,000/1camera.

Of course, this $7,000 is not to buy a camera, it will cover the cost of the attached infrastructure. I don't know in their estimates, does this $7,000 have operating and maintenance costs?  _(I think there are no operating and maintenance costs, because this is a variable over time.)_

At this price, even with the attached infrastructure and equipment, it is still an extremely high cost.

It should be noted that Vietnam is home to many of the most expensive public works in the world, while the scale and duration of use is much lower. _(See an example about road construction costs, use the translate tool)_

Moreover, according to the statistics of Ho Chi Minh City Police, as of August 2018, the whole city now has more than 37,000 surveillance cameras under the management of the People's Committee and the District and Commune Police. These systems are mostly monitored, managed and operated by police forces, helping to strengthen and support the area monitoring, urban order management, prevention of social evils and theft. And also have about 100 other cameras to serve the measurement of flow and circulation speed.

Under the plan “Building a surveillance camera system in HCMC in the 2019-2025 period,” the 10,000 cameras will be installed along streets in the city. Of the total, some 1,000-3,000 cameras will be installed at prime sites and managed by the HCMC Police, news site Motthegioi reported.

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This is what they have in China. Surveillance. They have facial recognition and social credit scoring in China. Some of that is in America right now. Each day, they try to extend their reach in the United States and other countries. One of the problems is within centralization.

Prevention vs Correction

There is a debate. Should police prevent crimes or correct the crimes? Prevention means stopping crimes before they happen. Correction is about going after criminals after they break the law, steal, murder, abuse, etc. The debate is in whether the cops can prevent crime, correct crime, or both. Now, many people prefer prevention. Generally, that is true. That is why people are ok with losing privacy. That is why people normally are ok with having security surveillance, cameras, etc. I prefer correction, not prevention. Why? Because that violates freedoms. I want the freedom to do good or bad. But many people want safety over freedom. That is why they are ok with the security cameras. That is the debate. So, when you talk to people, many people tend to want prevention and safety. That makes people feel good. Now, life is better when you seek after freedoms and risks. Now, life is dangerous. So, people don't like danger. But if you have no danger, then you do not grow and you miss out on the meaning to life.

14.10.2019 09:14

As you say, it is an exchange of freedom and security. A referendum, I think is necessary to resolve the debate.
But what I'm interested in is the cost, if you have a cost data in other countries, that would probably give me a comparison to comment on this draft.
Thanks all :)

14.10.2019 11:23

I would doubt that there would be one set price. It probably depends.

15.10.2019 05:36

I gave you upvote and resteemed your posting

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14.10.2019 15:51

Thanks for your support, I'll drop by your blog tomorrow morning. Currently in Vietnam is 00 hours.
So,Goodnight if your seat is also evening. hihi

14.10.2019 17:01

I am thankful for you

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You have been here and resteem it, that's a great help to me. Thanks a lot :)

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