Hanoi environment: The 2019 report uses 2005 data

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Regarding the environment in Vietnam, AirVisual app after few days is not available to new users in Vietnam, now available again. But don't stop there, a funny story happened. This may be the result of negligence, or ignorance, or deception, or .v.v.v

The Ministry of Justice, on behalf of the government, sent to the National Assembly a report on air environment statistics in Hanoi. The report is completed on July 19, 2019 and uses the phrase "most recent statistics". However, the figures given coincide with those published in 2005. That is, from 2005 to 2019 there are no statistics or the Ministry of Justice did not get newer data. It is unbelievable ...LOL

There is no English link for this story, so I put the Vietnamese link here, please use the translate tool if you find it interesting.

Translate excerpts:

Top of the newsletter: The "most recent" figures on the city's environmental pollution in the report just sent to the National Assembly have been widely published in the press since the end of 2005 ...

The report gives numbers to prove: "The latest statistics show that each year Hanoi's air environment has to receive about 80,000 tons of dust, 9,000 tons of SO2, 19,000 tons of NO2, 46,000 tons of CO2."

Using the search engine to find out when the "most recent" is, the results show that these figures have been widely published in the press since the end of 2005, that is, 14 years ago, before The Capital Law is valid for 8 years.

And here is the explanation of this after being discovered, they took data from the internet. :)

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