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This is a caricature, supposed to refer to Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung. He is the President of Hanoi City. It is a long story about cleaning the Lich River. When JEBO issued a press release expressing the content, confirmed that the experiment of pollution treatment of To Lich river was done according to the notice dated May 9, 2019 of the City People's Committee, clearly stating the permission for JEBO to be carried out. And JEBO said that Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung gave false information. To justify his statement, he said that "I read verbatim according to the office report".

Please know that in 2017, Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung promised to people in Dong Tam commune that they will not be criminally prosecuted for them. However, after that they were still prosecuted for criminal liability.
Particularly the story of To Lich river. After the pilot treatment of water pollution for the To Lich river, the Japanese side is ready to invest 100% of the cost and clean the entire To Lich river. But Hanoi is discussing the option of 150 billion VND to pump Red River water to dilute water for To Lich river. It's ridiculous!

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    Thank you very much @fsc69
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    12.12.2019 17:28

    pollution of the environment, rivers, lakes and seas the most relevant topic the government only promise but do not fulfill, thank you very much for sharing

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    11.12.2019 18:17

    Where are you from @nataly2317 ?
    I hope your government is not as bad as ours. Now our two largest cities are always in serious air pollution! :(
    Thank you for being here !

    12.12.2019 17:31

    When you say president of that city, is that the same as a mayor? It is funny and it is also serious that some leaders do this. Like robots reading text like you said. So, he said they wouldn't be prosecuted and then they were. So, he was like, oops. He was like, oh, who wrote my lines? He should be held responsible.

    11.12.2019 20:38

    As far as I study, the exact English word here is "Chairman/Chairwoman of Ha Noi People’s Committee".
    Well, this subject you can ask your Vietnamese friends, they will tell you more. It is very interesting, there are many statements that can be synthesized into jokes. :)

    12.12.2019 17:27