Caricatures of clashes in Dong Tam

This is a caricature of about land disputes between people of concentricity and the Hanoi government. I translated it into English but I didn't know if it was accurate or not. The content of dialogue in Vietnamese is "Ơn Giời! Các anh đi đánh Trung Quốc đấy phỏng? - Không ạ! chúng cháu đi dành đất với bọn Đồng Tâm".
See more about this dispute at this post.

The most recent clash between the two sides was at 4 am on January 9, 2020. Before the incident, internet and telephone waves in Dong Tam were broken. Domestic journalists are unable to access the scene and international journalists are also not authorized to report. At least so far international journalists have not been granted permission by the authorities to access the case.
All information posted by the state newspaper is provided by the government, while the information that is spread on social networks is provided by people in Dong Tam.

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Informative article

11.01.2020 10:52

Aqui mi visita,saludos y espero seguir visitandonos

12.01.2020 01:57

they tried to take back the land?
the aljazeera report looks empty in information, but seems like mostly police got killed?

17.01.2020 08:43