Air quality app AirVisual ‘gone’ from app stores in Vietnam amidst choking pollution - Vietnam Insider

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In Viet Nam, on 06/10/2019, the application updated the AQI index on AirVisual's smarthphone "disappeared" on the iOS and Android application store. Users who have downloaded this application before have indicated that the application is still functioning normally. But new users have been blocked. Not only that, AirVisual's facebook page is also not accessible from Vietnam.

Earlier, Hanoi had witnessed the air quality decline at an alarming rate and repeatedly ranked among the top polluted cities on AirVisual's rankings.

Somehow, possibly intentionally, a lot of negative messages and comments from Vietnam have spammed Airvisual's facbook page. And perhaps they achieved their goal when Airvisual decided to block IP from Vietnam. To the threat of these messages and comments, Airvisual had an explanation on the website about its ranking related to Hanoi. Concern in Vietnam at Hanoi topping AirVisual's ranking .

Is this the way the Vietnamese government uses to respond to the threat of pollution? Anyway, without this application, the people will not be updated about air pollution in real time. It would be wonderful, then no one would know the pollution and will be as carefree as in the old days. Without an offensive campaign of text messages and negative comments, would people not want to know the level of pollution where they live? While the authorities will not inform them all the time, if any, usually after everything has happened.

Still that question, is this the way the government cleans the air?

However, since Sunday evening smartphone users in Vietnam have not been able to search for the AirVisual app on both their iOS and Android devices.

The official Facebook page of AirVisual has been inaccessible from Vietnam as of Monday morning.

The page could still be accessed through a virtual private network (VPN) connection from a different country, according to Dang Tran Tuan Trung, a resident in Ho Chi Minh City.

he app appears to function normally on devices that already have it installed.

AQI ratings for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City also briefly “disappeared” from the AirVisual app and website for a few hours on Sunday evening.

See more about why stop providing: Pollution app pulled in Vietnam after 'coordinated campaign' of abuse

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smells like communism

10.10.2019 02:56

Vietnam is a country of communism. So bad for us.!
Thank you for being here @kevbot

10.10.2019 07:14