SHOCK - RABBIT give birth to 12 children- What vaccinations for mother rabbits after birth?

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2 days ago, while looking after the rabbits on his farm. One mother rabbit gave birth to 12 babies and 12 baby rabbits for one birth.. Oh my God. This is the first time my rabbit has given so much, more surprisingly then another bunny gave birth to 11 baby rabbits.

How many litter per litter? Usually rabbits will lay 5 to 8 children/litter, this depends on the time of mating, if mating at the right time, the female will shed many eggs, she will give many children. This mother rabbit gave birth to 12 children, so terrible and overwhelming. Lots of babies are not necessarily good because the baby rabbits will be small and the mother rabbits will not be able to take care of them all, we have to send the babies to another mother rabbits or we have to breastfeed.

Mother rabbit after birth should note what? The biggest problem is probably uterine inflammation, vaginitis and no milk. Fortunately, we have medicine to prevent these 3 problems for mothers. If the disease is not prevented for the mother rabbits, it is likely that neither of the above problems will occur. However, if mastitis occurs, baby rabbits will not be breastfed. It will be difficult to save the baby rabbits, even if you treat the mother rabbits, have inflammation of the uterus and vagina, the rabbits will take longer to get pregnant again. So it is best to prevent.

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    Have you ever nourish a rabbit? If you raise it, you will see the reproductive power of this animal.!

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