Welcome to the birth of my little pig

After giving birth, have not completely cleaned up the small pet, the mother pet has eaten grass, these friends will eat continuously and continuously and continuously ...
And immediately eat fruit when it is too attractive, even though it still gives birth to another pet.
This is her first birth, her pregnancy period is 2 months.
He was afraid of people and ran into the corner when I arrived, will have to add more hay to reduce the damage to the little friends.
Pet baby 2 hours after birth, small but sturdy and very cute.
This is a guinea pig, a native species. Gentle, easy to care for, almost exclusively herbivorous. The young are healthy, can run and eat 2 hours after birth.

It's great, isn't it?

The correct name of these little friends is guinea pig

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    Your pets are beautiful. Post resteemed

    06.06.2021 14:37

    Thank you for coming and for resteemed 🤗🤗🤗
    I have upvoted 2 of your posts, hope you write more! :)

    07.06.2021 07:46

    Thanks for the upvote. Il continue to share quality posts and follow too.

    07.06.2021 17:33

    Thank you for everything.
    I'm trying, glad you visited! 🤗🤗🤗

    11.06.2021 00:22

    Lovely pets you've got here @haccolong. Post have been resteemed on my blog. Thanks

    07.06.2021 20:26

    Thank you very much, nice to meet you 🥰

    07.06.2021 23:31

    Oh my God super cuteeee

    07.06.2021 21:51

    Hi, thank you for stopping here.
    I see you have a black cat 🥰
    Cats are also very cute, I have a friend who loves cats and only takes pictures of cats :)
    Thanks for stopping 🥰

    07.06.2021 23:35

    Beautiful pets. I wish to have one, someday

    22.06.2021 14:41

    It is not difficult to own if in your country you have them. Thanks for stopping :)

    24.06.2021 07:23