China get out of Vietnam’s Vanguard Bank!

In early August, China has added dozens of ships to the Vanguard Bank. This makes the situation in the South China Sea become more and more stressful. Although tension is rising very high in this area but domestic media (Vietnam) has almost no news about it. If you search on google with keywords "Bãi Tư Chính" will only see a few articles in the territory of Vietnam written about this in an analytical way rather than a report.

Today (06/08/2019), in Hanoi a few people have come before the Chinese embassy to express their spirit. The message they want to convey is in Vietnamese, Chinese and English:

> China get out of Vietnam’s Vanguard Bank!
china get out viet nam's sea
trung quốc cút ...

Don't be surprised at the number of participants in this video. Vietnam Most people do not know what is happening right now in Vanguard Bank. This video is live live stream on facebook which will help more Vietnamese people know about this issue. And I also share this video here so that many people can access the happenings that are happening in my country.

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The good news is that India is trying to get back stolen land from Pakistan, China, the NWO. Also, Hong Kong is protesting. There are things happening in Korea, Japan, the Philippines. Some good things are happening. I was living in Vietnam for 5 years, from 2012-2017. I've talked to Vietnamese about some of these things. Thanks for sharing this video. I always hope for the best in Vietnam. Cam on (thanks).

07.08.2019 07:59

The Vietnamese people you talked to, how did they react to the problem going on in the Vanguard Bank @joeyarnoldvn?
The good news is that in recent conflicts in the East Sea, this is the first time I have seen the Vietnamese government respond strongly!

Thank you for being here!

08.08.2019 07:32

I did not hear about Vanguard Bank. Vietnamese talked about corruption and problems with China and also in the Vietnamese government. Some people talked about how bad Ho Chi Minh was. They talked about the dead fish and how many Vietnamese were banned from texting about it on their phones for a while. Different Vietnamese would say different things sometimes. Some people knew a lot more about history and different problems.

08.08.2019 08:28

It's great to meet such people who still care about their country. Perhaps it is because of the place where I live (I am in a Quynh Luu, Nghe An. I am happy to welcome you if you come by :)), almost making money makes them forget the status quo of the country or they are too bored.

09.08.2019 04:13

Yes. Good. Thanks. I agree. Money is good. The love of money can be dangerous.

09.08.2019 07:00

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08.08.2019 08:54

Very sad to hear what's happening to the people. May God make them a way

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08.08.2019 10:52

God has his own way and I cannot know.!
Thank you for being here!

09.08.2019 04:08