The power of Nature

@haby, i took this picture this evening; it's an epitome of nature's beauty. 👆👆👆👆👆

Strolling around my hood this evening, I got an inspiration to talk about trees (plants in general) that God has blessed this earth with. Little do we know that the trees we saw around us on a daily basis has the power to curr or two diseases we're battling presently.

During the days of our forefathers, there is nothing like Injection or operation, yet theu survived and live long; some of them dies at minimum age of 90 years and some of them live as long as 100 years above.

Have you wonder why they live so long like that? If you don't know am here to tell you today that the secret behind their long life are the roots and leaves we are cutting away today. They know that God created those leaves , trees and roots to serve as a medications for humans.

There are some dangerous sickness that has been killing so many people this days, that can be cured by those leaves, we always see them but because we don't know their usefulness, we overlook them.

For instance, do you know that, palm trees add with some other leaves and roots can cure Measles? You will just boil it in the comfort of your home and drink for a while, and phew!!, You're heal..

There is power in nature, let us appreciate nature and don't put all our trust in Surgical operations.
Trees and plants serve as a shed and also as a cure to one diseases or the other...

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