One uncommon Economic Importance of Dogs

Good day Steemians...

Dogs are seen either as a pet or as a security assistant. Hence, there are some other things dogs can be used for.
In Africa, especially in Nigeria, dogs are not only use as a domestic pet or as a house guard...

In Europe and most especially America; dogs are seen as a pet, even tho, dog types are plenty... We have different species of dogs and most times their species determines what they will be used for .... Some specie are good at securing
the house dog-1210559__340.jpg

while some are better as pets, sleeping in our bedroom, even some lay besides us when we sleep on our bed.... dog-1123016__340.jpg

Those ones that are good as security are always in our compound, looking scary; waiting for unwelcome strangers to devour 😁😁😁😁😁... Those are not so friendly to keep inside as domestic pet.

In Africa, @wafrica take note of this, most scary dogs are used as Hunter's helper... That is, they follow hunters to bush to hunt animals..... They make the work of hunting easier for a hunter... Also, in Africa, the specie of dogs you have in your house depends on how rich you are.... Some rich men buy Australian dogs and put at the entrance of their compound; nobody will enter that house without pressing doorbell..... Likewise, average men buys local dogs and leave them in their compound too ; they both serve the same purpose but one is more scary than the other... IMG_20190815_170407.jpg

@wafrica, also take note of this...... What I want my fellow Steemians to know about dog is that, apart from other economic importance mentioned above (as a pet and as a security ), few people don't know that dog also serve as a meat 😎😎😎😎😎.... A good meat indeed.... Apart from been sweet, dog meat is also a libido booster..... Some part in Africa, especially Nigeria, has long know about this and that's why most people that hail from that particular region in Nigeria are known as powerful men and women when it comes to S*x 😋😋😋😋...... They don't need to use any supplements or whatever.... The dog meats they have been eating for quite long has give them that natural sexual stamina...

And, if you want to confirm this.... Ask anybody from Nigeria, where is the region am talking about and how was their sex life in those regions...
My name is @haby.....

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