Life in college (in a strange region)

Good day Steemians

Waking up everyday with a plan in your mind; with a to-do list in your heart can likely be a great helper to shape how your day will be.

Hope you have a plan for today? Hope, you have sketch how today's activities will be in your mind?... A soul that wake up everyday without a plan, would look like a dirty water that has no meaningful value to mankind...

Continuation of my story
My life in college as a student from another region of the country gives me a lot of privileges and difficulty.... Privileges to get things done when other students are following the normal routine when doing something in the administrative office; me, as a person I will want to use connection, using some staff that came from my region. You know something about life? When two people from the same place or town resides in that same town, they won't appreciate themselves, but let both of them travel to a totally strange town or country, they will so much cherished themselves, you know why? Because they have no one else to speak their language with, so they will respect each other, so as to maintain the cordial relationship between them.

Do you observe that, when Chinese people are in America, they tends to relate with themselves very well with a big smile 😁😁😁😁, anytime they met in an occasion or a meeting, but when they meet in their own country, it's a normal smile they will exchange.... It's not only Chinese people that do this tho, I just used them as a typical example...

In college, the difficulty I encountered as a guy with different language is that; some lecturers during the course of their lecture, might decided to use their language to explain something and because majority carry the votes, like a saying goes.... I don't have choice than to keep mute and later ask someone what did he said later on..

The only thing to make people love and respect you in a strange is to love them and respect them.... Like a saying that goes thus, "do unto others what you want others to do unto you" This is the tactics I used to win them to my side, both my fellow students and staff of the institution.

You can't be proud to people and want them to be humble towards you...... You can't be abusive, and want people to respect you..... You can't be a snitch or a loosemouth and want people to tell you more secret about them...

During my college days, I got a lot of crushers; those I crush on, and those that are crushing on me...... Both guys and ladies.... Am sure some people won't be surprised to hear that, a fellow guys can crush on his fellow guy without having any bad things in mind?... Yeah, I do encounter that in school.... To be continue..
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