Calamity of distance relationship

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I wanna talk about love this morning. Like a common saying, love makes the world go round; love makes everything to be beautiful; love gives inner joy; love can even bring peace of mind.... But what will happen when love gone sour? What will happen when someone we love betrayed us? What will happen when the trust we has for who we loved, faded away?

"I wanna share a true life story of two people that are in love"

A guy and a lady were in love for a long time, and everybody has been speculating that this their love will lead to marriage.

They met each other in a tutorial class, when preparing for Jamb exam ( In Nigeria here, that's the exam we did before entering higher institution). The boy is not a brilliant person but he his handsome, kind hearted, humble and easy going and from a rich home while the lady is very brilliant and beautiful but from an average home.

The guy fell in love with this because of her brain and beauty... It took the guy approximately a month before he could crawl into the lady's heart and win her to himself.... Their love life keep growing on a daily basis, from tutorial class to University and from university to when they both went for Youth service in a different states...
It is during this Youth service that issues start crawling in... That's when game start changing... They start facing so many challenges in their relationship... Guess what, the causes of this challenges is nothing but distance.... Distance made it possible for deceivers to enter between them...

The lady at the this end was been deceived by a man that appear like an angel and promising her heaven and Earth.. The guy on the other end was been cajoled by ladies that found out that he came from a very rich home....

They start loosing trust for each other... Then, one day, the guy paid a surprise visit to his fiancee serving in Eastern part of the country, lo and behold, he met another man with his fiancee... And love gone sour.... Fight broke out, between the man and the guy...... To be continue .... To read more about this true life story follow @haby

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