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Dear lovely Steemians, I hope you are all well and by the grace of Allah Almighty, you will be perfectly healthy and active. Friends, the purpose of today's photography post is to share with you an experience. I will share it with you today. I've been friends, I woke up early this morning, then I decided that today I will do something new, go to the estimate, and by the way, this is not something new, I have been sharing photography posts before, but today I also have a special part. Included will be that today I will tell you something about how I take photographs and if you have a better idea about it you can share it with me then start walking
The picture you are seeing on the screen at the moment is actually a picture of fodder. Fodder is eaten by animals and it is eaten with great relish. I worked very hard to tell the picture as you can see in the picture. I can see the little one, which is a green head, so I brought the camera of my mobile phone closer and took this picture with great enthusiasm. Yes, it is very important for photography to take a picture with skill. The greenery looks very beautiful.

In this picture, we can see a bushy plant that looks beautiful and I took this picture very skillfully like the previous picture. It is very skillful to take a picture of the way this plant was. This time too I took the camera very close and in case of fix I took this picture. In this picture, there are small flowers which are very beautiful and the splendor of this picture. And increasing the splendor.

This is a picture of a yellow flower and the flower is blooming which is very beautiful and the special thing about it is that like the previous picture, this picture has been taken very close and very well focused and the green leaves of this flower are visible. They are adding to the beauty of this flower and making it beautiful.

This picture is a picture of very beautiful and soft dry leaves whose color is very beautiful and amazing. Their color is the color orange and it is very beautiful. Pictures were taken. These leaves look very beautiful and there are green leaves behind them which further add to the beauty of the existing colorful leaves that you came to share with your friends and I hope that You will like it.

In this picture, you can see the big corn plants. This corn crop is actually located in my area and is a very large and widespread crop. The special thing about this crop is that it is very profitable tomorrow and It is used all over the world. It is widely used in the manufacture of many food products, especially on industrial. It is also used as a feed in the areas of Pakistan and much more. Shias are made. The most famous city made from it is cornbread which is eaten by people with great enthusiasm and in winter it becomes the desirable food of Pakistanis. Take this picture skillfully but other pictures This picture is slightly different from the one in which it was standing not near the corn crop but away.

In the second picture, we can see a very beautiful yellow flower. This ball flower has a half fragrance. Its fragrance is very beautiful. It means and creates a human feeling. The flower is a cabbage flower and very It is used all over the world for its own purposes. It also has the feature that it can be very fast. It expands its speeds very quickly. This image is very deep in the camera for this purpose, I went very close to the flower, approached the camera, and took this picture with great detail.

In this picture, we can see beautiful flowers of different colors. These flowers are fragrant. I took this picture from my nearby area and I didn't need much skill in taking this picture but they have this attention-grabbing picture. Very cute flowers. You can see it in this picture and I hope you like this picture too.

You can see something in this picture first. This address is beautiful, but I didn't need much skill in taking this picture. I was burning, so I saw these idols. It seemed beautiful to me. So I took this picture. These pictures are not small, but I thought it appropriate to include them in today's photography, so share them with you.

Friends, I hope you liked this post of mine today and you will definitely like it. In the post from my photography, I shared some of my experiences with you today, so I hope you will express your opinion on them. And will like the right experiences. I hope you are well ahead.

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great post. your efforts in shooting are extraordinary. yellow flowers also attract my heart. if I may know the name of the flower.

27.04.2021 01:54

Asslam o Alaikum @habibullah hope you will be fine and enjoying good health.
Your beauty of area with flowers is really good.
The pictures of fodder, bushy and yellow flower are so beautiful. You provided a lot of knowledge in your post. As a whole it is really very good post

27.04.2021 03:01

I saw your post about beauty of nature. It is very nice.l I like your style of writing. I like your photography. keep it up.

27.04.2021 04:32

Amazing photography 🌻
Keep it up...

28.04.2021 16:34