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The coronavirus is also in the form of an epidemic in Nice. It is a very dangerous illness for which there is no cure yet, but it can be prevented by following the recommended methods. What are the main symptoms of the crown?

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People affected by the crown will not be effective immediately. It takes about 14 days for symptoms to appear. So if you're a little sceptical that you're from the disaster area, stay away from anyone and stay safe until then. Symptoms are:

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The best way formed to avoid the corona is to take care of yourself. Pay special attention to what you eat, as anyone who proposes a good diet and fitness has proven to be able to easily beat Corona. There are other things we all have to do. Always wash your hands after touching anything or use a disinfectant that lasts for at least 30 seconds. Be sure to wash your hands with soap. Keep a distance of 5-6 people. I'm using. Do not go out when you do not need it.

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Please use imported products. If in doubt, protect yourself from others. Avoid travelling to other places. So far, Corona has affected millions of people and lost thousands of lives. Some of the world's most influential countries, such as Italy and the United States, are severely affected, with more than 500 people living daily. Life is affected. The lost man shook the world economy, and countries such as India, France, Germany, Spain and Iran were under his control.

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This devastating bowling alley has caused havoc around the world. Sadly, progress. The language hasn't been found yet. As a result, you can stay vigilant, healthy and away from him. Follow the procedures set by the government and strictly follow the government guidelines. Defeat many enclosures to this day. What a wonderful illness, if possible! May Allah keeps you happy and Allah calms you.

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This is a nice post and you shared important information about covid-19. Keep it up.

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Assalamu alaikum bro your post is very nice and attractive and you for sharing such a nice information with us which is about safety measures save ourselves from the epidemic virus

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