Singapore Grand Prix: Robert Kubica to leave Williams at end of 2019 season

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Robert Kubica was one of the biggest stars in F1.He suffered a partially severed right arm and multiple fractures around his body after a roadside metal barrier pierced the car in 2011.But after an eight-year,he returned to Formula 1 this year but results have not matched his desired standards.That's why Robert Kubica is to leave Williams at the end of the season.

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19.09.2019 15:02

Unfortunate to see someone sports person to leaving this way. Accidents and 8 years gap are too much to fulfill.

26.10.2019 08:40

yes dear.It is matter of sorrow.

27.10.2019 06:21

But he should have not be too sad. He achived too much right years age that many racers wish to be that position once in life. We have to see also positive side of mirror

27.10.2019 07:44

yes dear

28.10.2019 14:43