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Amazon has been really aggressive when it comes to launching Alexa-powered Echo devices of all shapes and sizes.Over the past year or so it has started rolling out the Echo devices in the Indian market.Echo show devices,as the name suggests,come with a screen too,so that Alexa can literally show and tell.

The latest in this lineup is the Echo Show 5 with a smaller 5.5-inch screen.At first look,the Echo Show 5 seems to have a perfect screen size,ideal to rest on a side table in your living room,or by your bedside and does not take up as much space as the original Show.Also,in comparison to the Echo Spot,a proper rectangular screen makes more sense than a round one.

The Echo Show 5 is like a miniature version of the Echo Show.So it has mute,volume buttons on the top as well as a physical slider to block off the front camera.This privacy feature will endear the Echo Show 5 to a lot of users.

All your Alexa commands and skills work on the Echo Show 5 too.Also,you can go ahead and ask for Alexa to show you the latest episode of Jack Ryan directly from Amazon Prime Video.In fact,you can play videos from YouTube also.But this is where the lack of a battery back up and screen size hurts.This is to be ideal to see short videos in this device for better battery backup.

One aspect that really impressed me about the Echo Show 5 has good audio quality.Not it is not the best,but for the size of the device it is deep and sharp.Given the size,the Show 5 is also great as a clock,giving you one-command access to everything from the latest headlines to the weather.With multiple Alexa devices you can also initiate video calls.This makes it a great gift for elderly parents who can easily connect to you using just voice commands.

At price $160/Rs 8999 the Amazon Echo Show 5 is one of the best devices you can buy for your house or as a gift.For me,the Show 5 is a good upgrade for those who have used an Echo Spot for over a year.This little device can fulfil all your smart needs and make your life so easy.

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