Water Tower and a little fog!

On a early sunday morning i saw some fog outside when i woke up. That means one thing for a photographer, Go outside quick! I grab my gear and went for a drive. The fog was not very good and the light was also not good because it was past sunrise already. I decided to go to the open fields near the water tower in the hope to get some sunraystrought the treelines and to flight my drone.

Here is what my drone saw :)




This tower is in the village of Polsbroek in the Netherlands! Its build in 1936 and is 47 meter height and can contain 400 cubic meters of water!

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11.07.2019 16:24

Thank you so much!

13.07.2019 09:22

Great image buddy!

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11.07.2019 20:11

Thank you very much :)

13.07.2019 09:22

Awesome what you can catch with a drone! Congratulations on your win in Photocircle!

11.07.2019 21:07

Thank you, i am still learning.

13.07.2019 09:23

On my recent trip to the South Pacific, was quite intrigued to watch a young family using a drone to get some photos I could only dream about getting! Maybe it’s a new toy I need to get.

13.07.2019 16:00

If you are into photography it's definitely the future! I love it!

15.07.2019 07:03

That second one especially is sweet!

12.07.2019 00:44

Thank you very much! I took it with the Mavic pro. That one could shoot portrait mode :p Mavic 2 doesn't doe that! That's what i flight with today!

13.07.2019 09:25