Scotland road trip Part III - Old man of storr!

Today we went on a very early trip. We woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning... well let's call it night! Sunrise was around 04:30 and we had to drive for one hour! We want to climb to the top of Old man of storr on the Isle of Skye!
This 700 meter high mountain is a big thing for uss Dutchies! Holland, the most flat country in the world :p
It was a very cloudy day but it was dry!

On the way up the sun didn't came through but we did experience some color in the sky.
The beginning of the trail is a good semi paved road but halfway the dirt trail started! You can choose to go left right or straight ahead. We took the route on the right. There where a couple of hills and at the other side you got a spectacular view over a little lake and the mountains. Puddle reflection shots time.

We did a hour and a half to get to the top but that's because we did a lot of photographing on the way. The clouds start to disappear and we got a very good view over the mountains.
At that time of day we didnt see alot of other hikers, just the tree of uss and a couple with a dog who ar staring in my first picture! After a reaching the top we went back down on the other side, then you and up at the crossing we passed by. After 45 minutes we were back at the car. Past a lot of people who were going upp! Quick drive to the hotel, just in time for breakfast :)


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16.07.2019 05:44

Thank you so much! It's difficult to get trough :p

16.07.2019 07:37

Thank you very much :D

16.07.2019 07:37