Sapporo beer museum on #BeerSaturday

Got myself a beer story for the #beersaterday contest!

In Sapporo there is a beer museum. This is Japan’s only museum dedicated to beer, where you can learn about the long history of Sapporo Beer. This goes way back to the year 1876 and was a former Kaitakushi business (local government)

beer museum.jpg

The old building looks awesome and is very good preserved. They did a good job maintaining it and keep it an looks old! Inside its a little tourist-trap but the copper brew kettle is very shiny!
You learn about the history of the company and not so about the brewing process!
But if you love beer and you are close by go there, its free! Don't specially travel to here because its not that good :p

There is some kind of restaurant on the property but that´s for big groups! its like barn...

Did got myself this beauty, surprisingly good :)

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Looks interesting and what a history.

If you add a few more pics you are perfect set for taking part at the challenge

And with a place like this you might love to use the to map the place for all the other steemians.

22.12.2019 11:34

Did do the world-map tag already but didn't got that many pictures inside. To dark for that. I did make a video of my Instagram stories but Dtube doesn't allow me to upload it...

22.12.2019 11:55

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