Drone Autumn panorama shot!

I made a panorama of the colorful Dutch woods. Its autumn so there so many different colors right now.
This is one of my favorite autumn drone spots in the Netherlands. This line of trees is always one of the first to get its color and do to many different trees there are alot of them!

Panorama herfstkleuren bos.jpg

This picture is a combined picture of 10 individuals, stitch together in lightroom and I filled up the blank spots in photoshop!
My flight path from the DJI GO4 app!


Comments 3

Great shot and great to show your flight path too. You don't see that often!

23.10.2019 10:36

Thank you, yes it's nice to see that extra info. Maybe it helps other drone pilots! Do you fly?

24.10.2019 18:12

Hahaha i just looked at your name... i think you fly :D

24.10.2019 18:13