The rise in the price of Bitcoin is increasingly showing the choice of assets as a safe haven.

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"Bitcoin is the best place for capital flight to occur, the rapid flow of capital out from one country to another as a result of the economic situation. Or in this case Bitcoin is still a safe haven to protect the value of their money, "

"This fact is very interesting, because it shows that global professional traders react faster than private traders. The surge in Bitcoin prices is increasingly showing the choice of assets as a safe haven, when tensions arise in the Middle East, "

many did not understand that the increase in each of the previous Halvings was very different. The attention factor of the large mass media that affects the reader is also very calculated.

So, it is very difficult to make the forecast price of Bitcoin go up just by looking at supply scarcity. Yet we know for ourselves, in fact, demand in 2019 looks much rarer now than in previous years, especially throughout 2017.
The public is also more aware of the long-term structural problems of Bitcoin that might hamper future increases, namely Bitcoin as a cheap and fast payment tool. Advances in Lightning Network Protocol technology might help that, but have the potential to depress miners' incomes. With reference to the price of Bitcoin from July 2010 to 2019 at US $ 7,200, Bitcoin grew 9 million percent in 10 years. The increase beats the growth of any stock in the world. "Bitcoin really complements the wild technological enthusiasm, that Bitcoin's performance will rise in different situations," Performance over the past 10 years, even with massive declines and subsequent devastating predictions, for some people, is seen as an endless fantasy which still helps keep the momentum of Bitcoin running.

"Nothing else is even close to beating the performance of Bitcoin. The S&P 500 only tripled in the 10 year period. Gold is only up 25 percent. Some of the best-performing shares in Russell 3000, including Exact Sciences Corp and Intelligent Systems, each rose about 3,000 percent, "

Bitcoin can be used by anyone without the mediation of any bank. For many people, excellence is a big enough reason to support the crypto assets.

"This is like the separation between state and religion. That is innovation and that is interesting Bitcoin, "

"Many people believe in the narrative. And that is not surprising. However, after that year Bitcoin will find its own narrative as Digital Gold, "
Hashrate is a measure of the strength and security of the Bitcoin blockchain system. It also also reflects the level of confidence of the Bitcoin miners to get as much Bitcoin as possible.

On the other hand, miners may believe that the price of Bitcoin will rise in the future. So, they have a big reason to continue to operate with relatively cheap electricity costs in China.

- On January 2, 2020 the Bitcoin hashrate saves at 114,501 Exahash per second, that is the highest point of all time. That's far beyond the hashrate on October 11, 2019 at 110.1332 Exahash per second.

The government argues, in October 2019-April 2020 is a "dry season", where there is a decrease in river water supply and the impact on the reduction in electricity supply.
"One of the few cases that we handled, the suspect decided to move funds from Bitcoin or Ethereum to Monero,"

The new law requires crypto exchange companies, wallet providers or other companies that process crypto transactions, to take steps against money laundering.





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