Introducing nodix, fullstack HTML5 dapps on the blockchain


Nodix is a new blockchain system, it's based on a safe runtime including memory management, portable binary modules, lockless data sharing, event based programming, as well as sandboxed script language to run non-trusted code.

The modular architecture, garbage collection, and simple configuration files and scripts allow to easily boostrap customized blockchain using proof of work and/or proof of stake algorithm without any coding skill or compiling anything.

Nodix is a full stack environment, which can be used to build blockchain based multi threaded HTML5 web applications, including block explorer, wallet, mining pool, smart data definitions, and dynamic web pages generation.

All the blockchain ecosystem in one stack.

Applications are created on the blockchain, with permissions based on publically verifiable cryptographic signatures, used to create data type definitions, objects instance, HTML5 template, files and scripts and/or binary modules to generate dynamic web pages with cryptographic security using 'smart data' relationship definition, using cryptographic proof instead of the traditional login / session cookie mechanism which is centralized by nature.


It can also exploit the graph structure of blockchain to store Abstract Syntax Tree that can be generated from functional/algebraic expression, to provide a robust support for decentralized/distributed scientific computations.


Demo application show how structured data can be used to represent 3D scenes, either raytraced or polygonal, and advanced audio manipulation.

Store 3d objects and texture and edit materials to create card collection

Texture file reference is indexed on the blockahin and the image data is stored as separate data chunk shared using specific functions of the p2p protocols.

Materials and mesh informations are stored as an object graph on the blockchain.

Store audio data and filter graph on the blockchain

Audio data is stored as compressed vectorial data on the blockchain.

Filter graph stored as an Abtract Synthax Tree on the blockchain.

Demo application to build synth

and sequencing

Small social media app ( blogging, private messages )

Blog proof of existence is indexed on the blockchain with cryptographic signature and the content shared using the p2p protocol.

Permissionned categories / tags.

Private message using Diffie Hellman key exchange.

Bring the power of blockchain to the web and mobile devices

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