Drawing Bird , my journey in Threespeak !

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Study Bird drawing

# My Daily Drawings In Threespeak !

hi guy

i love to travel , and now i have another target , wanna improve my drawing skills
i wanna start my exciting journey in Threespeak , i hope you enjoy to watch my videos
hopefully i will improve, i use graphite pencils and sketchbook ,normally i draw in my free time
this is another joy of life .
thanks for supporting me in my path !







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Bro !

This looks awesome !! You can do step-wise tutorials too ! I'm sure many people are gonna love them :)
You've got great talent, keep more such videos coming ! I'm enjoyin it!

24.08.2019 11:50

thanks Bro , for your nice comment ! 🤗

25.08.2019 10:21

I admire and value every line you draw with your pencil, I really like what you do your video shows an easy job, but the truth is that you have to work very well every stroke we give, this very well created I loved it 🤗

25.08.2019 05:23

🤗 hey bro , thank you very much for your kind words , i am trying to improve ,

25.08.2019 10:20

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