Study Horse drawing # My Daily Drawings In Threespeak !

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Study Horse drawing

# My Daily Drawings In Threespeak !

hi guy

i love to travel , and now i have another target , wanna improve my drawing skills
i wanna start my exciting journey in Threespeak , i hope you enjoy to watch my videos
hopefully i will improve, i use graphite pencils and sketchbook ,normally i draw in my free time
this is another joy of life .
thanks for supporting me in my path !








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Drawing picures is, like singing, an art skill that can be improved by practicing.
You don't have to make every single sketch or study you do a perfect thing.
Allow yourself to create doodles, practice and experiment with new techniques and materials!
You're doing amazing! 🔥♨️

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30.08.2019 18:41

Tony ! thanks for your very nice words, yes i am struggling with drawing , i think ill get better by time ✌️ 🤗 you are very cool man going to follow you

01.09.2019 17:42

Damnn!!!! Your art creativity is awesome..will be keeping tabs on you @h-hamilton

30.08.2019 18:42

thanks man ✌️

01.09.2019 17:40

@h-hamilton, This Horse 🐴 Art piece consists those innocent expressions of Horse. Thank you so much for bringing this creativity here. Stay blessed.

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31.08.2019 01:15

thank you man ✌️ for the nice comment

01.09.2019 17:37


08.09.2019 06:16

Do not make a clip in your hand a friend once told me as a suggestion to improve the view of my videos ..

I wondered how I would do it. I couldn't draw without holding the sheet 😂

then I already understood how to do it 😂

Very good drawing friend, I see that you are putting difficulty in your diaries, I loved it very well worked, greetings 🤗

31.08.2019 06:11

😂 yes man we improve by time, i am struggling with the angle
thank youuu🤗

01.09.2019 17:35

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06.09.2019 17:53

nice thank you

08.09.2019 12:57