pictures of Nozhian Waterfall in Lorestan / height of 95 meters - Khorram abad , Iran , photo with LG G3

Nozhian Waterfall in Lorestan 95 Meter high - Khorram abad , Iran

hi dear community , how are you ?
i had a trip to lorestan , khoramabad , in Iran , it is the center of waterfalls ! there are lots of waterfalls there and they are amazing
this waterfall is Nozhian, above of Taf Mountains

it's one of them , i enjoyed this place a lot ,height of 95 meters shows that it's a huge waterfall

abshae zibaye dar lorestan khoram abad ke rafte budam va koli lezat bordam, biyaeed chandta aks baham bebinim dostaye gol
95 metr bolandishe ,balaye koohe Taf hastesh , be name Nozhian


ye akse dige az zaviyei digar , baraye shoma azizan ,
abshare kheli zibai bud , ba azemat :)

koohe sangi kheli zibast



abe khonak va salamat , ke vaghty behesh dast mizani taze mishi
por az energye zendegi , manke asheghe tabiat hastam va az budan dar in malanhaye ziba lezat mibaram


a lovely and calm place to rest and enjoy the time

neshastan dar in makan kheli aramesh bakhshe, va mituni ba daronet ertebat bargharar koni va dar aramesh va sokot chand lahzei ro zendegi koni ...


i try to show the beauty of Iran in my blog , with my pictures that i took with my phone , through my trips to different cities of Iran
i hope you enjoy to watch my blog ,
i will be happy to read your comments
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have a great day guys

i write in English and also Farsi , mix both in my blog :)

photos are taken by my Phone, LG G3

wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)

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