photography from my yesterday strolling outside ,photography with LG G3

hi dear community , have some photography from my yesterday strolling outside

i was with my girlfriend and we had a nice walk , and we took pictures , she suggested me to work on my pictures so they look awesome ! like what you see ,
she is creative and we decide to share our pictures in this way

salam dostane azizam , chand aks az ghadam zadane dirozemon dar yek park ba derakhtane bozorg va ghadimi ke kheli ziba budan , albate tanavoe giyahi kheli ziad nabud va derakhtane chenar bishtar dide mishod , ama ghesmate vurudiye park golkari bud va ma ham akshaye ziyadi gereftim ke mikham chand ta az onharo ba shoma be eshterak begozaram , omidvaram lezat bebarid


shabihe ezhdeha shode ba in halati ke barash entekhab kardim


in ham hamon chenarhai ke goftam ke az yekish aks gereftym



loved this part of the park , the design was looking good and nice

in ghesmate park ham ziba bud va dosesh dashtym, kami ham akasi anjam dadim , ke natijasho dar akse zir mibinid ,


i try to show the beauty of Iran in my blog , with my pictures that i took with my phone , through my trips to different cities of Iran
i hope you enjoy to watch my blog ,
i will be happy to read your comments
if you like to see more pictures , give me a follow or a comment, to be in touch in our blogs ,
have a great day guys

i write in English and also Farsi , mix both in my blog :)

photos are taken by my Phone, LG G3


wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)

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