Photography from Masal, flowers in Gilan, Iran , photo with LG G3

Photography from Masal, flowers in Gilan, Iran , photo with LG G3

hello dear community ,
through my trip to Masal, north of Iran i have some pictures of these nice flowers
the first one you see was so interesting for me, look at it's shape , its is just beautiful ! :)
i wanna crop the first pictures so can see the flowers in a better way , they are nice and have special colors
we had a great time there , i was with my brother and relatives and also one of my best friends !
we forth fighter were in the pure forest and nature , such a good days im already miss that holiday
i have a plan to go and visit there in few months again
also some new places , and good thing is i can share my pictures with you also . :)

salam dostaye azizam ,emroz ham chand ax az jangalhaye masal daram , akasi az golha va tabiate ziba va bekre on ghesmat az Iran, omidvaram khoshetun biyad, axe aval baraye khodam jaleb bud baraye hamin entekhabesh kardam, chon golhaye ajibi hastan




and this little yellow flowers , i love wild grow things
i was sitting beside it , and it was like she is talking in her silence


i try to show the beauty of Iran in my blog , with my pictures that i took with my phone , through my trips to different cities of Iran
i hope you enjoy to watch my blog ,
i will be happy to read your comments
if you like to see more pictures , give me a follow or a comment, to be in touch in our blogs ,
have a great day guys

i write in English and also Farsi , mix both in my blog :)

photos are taken by my Phone, LG G3

wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)

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I am loving this series, thanks again :)

17.07.2019 13:33

thank you so much :) ...

18.07.2019 09:22